The Manny Series
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The Manny


Jimena juggles trying to keep her life in order. Between raising her three children, competing for the company’s presidency, and dealing with her (almost) ex-husband, she has her hands full. She then meets Gaby, a charming rancher who unexpectedly turns out to be the best nanny for her children.



Iván Amozurrutia,

Anthony Giuletti,

Alexander Tavizon,

Cassandra Iturralde,

Moisés Arizmendi,

Diana Bovio,

Eugenio Montessoro,

Josemaría Torre Hütt,

Sara Isabel Quintero,











The Manny Series cast, crew, and free episodes watching guide on Netflix. The Manny Series release date is 24th December 2023. See one more Bridgerton Netflix Series here

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