The Verdict - State Vs Nanavati
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The Verdict - State Vs Nanavati


The case that divided India Reopens!



Pooja Gor,



Shashant Shah,









The Verdict – State Vs Nanavati Web Series: Indian naval commander K.M. Nanavati returns home from the line of duty, only to find that his wife Sylvia Nanavati is having an extra-marital affair with the businessman & socialite Prem Ahuja. Jealousy and anger lead to an unexpected encounter where Nanavati fires three shots from his service gun. Was this an Honour killing or murder?

This sparks a nationwide debate. On one hand, the people, media, and government debate moralities of Sylvia & Prem to establish Nanavati as a national hero. On the other hand, Parsis and Sindhis stand against each other in a war to save their community’s pride or convict a murderer.

Witness the complete truth of the last and most controversial jury trial in India—the case that divided India. Binge on!

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