Who's Your Daddy
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Who's Your Daddy


The nation wants to know, kisne ki yeh bhool? Kaun hai Tidda ka Daddy Cool! Pesh karte hai, Dilli ke most (in)famous – Prem, Soggy and Tidda! Generation gap jitna bhi ho, teeno ek se badhkar ek hai! We are guessing, naughtiness inke khoon mein hai













Who’s Your Daddy Season 1 Web Series is here with all info by ALTBalaji. Don’t teach your daddy how to make babies! Especially if your dad is Prem or Soggy, the daddy of all daddies in the daddy history!

Who’s Your Daddy is the tale of Prem, Soggy and Tidda, who’ll tickle your funny bones as they go down their memory lanes laced with ‘blue-films’ and hilarious sexual encounters to uncover who’s the Daddy of Soggy’s son!

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