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Anuradha is a naive but beautiful girl in her late 20s. Originally from Satara, she now lives alone in Mumbai & works for a marketing company. She is in a relationship with an ambitious lawyer, Shantanu. In a mysterious turn of events, a doppelganger commits murders and Anuradha gets dragged in as the prime suspect. Is Anuradha really the “man-eater” people consider her to be?













Anuradha Web Series cast, crew, and free episodes downloading guide here. Anuradha Web Series release date December 10, 2020. See more Planet Marathi original Web Series Gemadpanthi Web Series and Tujhi Maajhi Yaari Web Series updates here on Netseries.

Storyline: This is the story of Anuradhachi and her beloved lawyer Shantanu. Or it is said that there are many characters who appear in different stages. When the love affair between Anuradha and Shantanu starts unraveling, the policeman suddenly becomes suspicious of Anuradha while investigating the murder of one of them. Anuradhala is then seen in Atkahi in which Shantanu is automatically seen fighting the case by her side. Shantanuchi’s friendly lawyer Nisha is seen fighting a case against him. Or the blood flowing all over the place, the continuous wall of Anuradhala, or the involvement of various characters in the case, or the story itself seems colorful. Then can Shantanu save Anuradhala or Sankatoon? What will you do for this? Is Anuradha really a partner in the murders? Or answers to questions or jump through various parts of the series. Or the ban lipstick campaign was announced during the promotion of the series, the answer lies in the series itself.

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