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We get into the flashbacks of the previous day. 6 chosen high achievers, an escort girl and a girl child reach the Foxhole resort in the Kusumjhora forest, getting invited as special guests (apparently having no connections with each other). The story thus set in the Foxhole Resort amidst the jungle, troubled by the anarchist activities of the radical leftists, fighting for the rights of the ethnic tribe people of the area.













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The guests start mingling among themselves. We are introduced to Dr. Mringanko and Manasi Mukherjee, a couple having a child named Titir. Mriganko is a doctor by profession while Manasi happens to be a socialite heading the board of an elite urben club. We come across Pritha and Diganta, a rather ‘woke’ pair who live in. Diganta is a social influencer and a celebrated columnist for a leading newspaper while Pritha is a college lecturer associated with the civil society movement for the downtrodden. Nilay, a professional guitarist playing for a leading band with knack for photography joins them. Adinath, a business tycoon trading cosmetic products comes for a vacation too with a hired escort girl, half his age.

After a spell of amicable exchange of words and emotions among themselves and sightseeing around the jungle, the guests encounter the owner of the resort – Dipankar, who throws a cocktail dinner, that night. Lives for the guests start getting complicated at the dinner as after being happily sloshed Dipankar delves into digging their past. We get an insight into the lives of the characters and the hidden unsolved crimes they have committed in past.

Meanwhile, a terrorist leader gets arrested by the CRPF and Police and the jungle turns into a war zone, that night. The resort gate gets shut to ensure the safety of the tourists. Dipankar, his associates, and the guests retire to their respective rooms.

Next morning, when the guests of the Foxhole get up, they find that the gates of the resort are not closed for the security of the guests, but they only are the hostage and the resort itself is the den of the radical anarchists. Dipankar is none but the second radical leader in command who is determined to get the arrested leader exchanged with the six hostages captivated in the resort.
Now the internal strife and external negotiations ensue.

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