Raja Rani Romeo Web Series
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Raja Rani Romeo


A small time ex-con’s mundane life comes to a grinding halt when he falls in love with the wrong woman. Now he must traverse the web of love, lies and betrayal to find the truth.













Raja Rani Romeo web series cast, crew, and free episodes downloading guide here. Raja Rani Romeo web series release date 29th December 2023. See more KLiKK original web series Vinci Bharati Academy Web Series and Encrypted Web Series updates here on Netseries.

Raja Rani Romeo Storyline: Arpan’s character in the web series is Imran Mondal. who changed his name to Mithun Das. In an incident at a very young age, Imran got caught in a police case. Then he had to flee from his village in Burdwan. Since then, he has been running away all his life.

While working as a waiter, a customer’s dropped phone turns his life upside down. Gayatri is the wife of Vishnu Adhikari, an influential businessman of that Kastoma. The role played by Akbara Majumdar. The beautiful woman comes to pick up the abandoned phone. After that, as the relationship with Gayatri progressed, Imran got involved in a murder case. His life again came to the crossroads where he was on the run again. How to avoid the eyes of the police to solve this mystery? Watch more KLikk web series updates.

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