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Encrypted is a cryptic story that evolves around the lives of 2 sisters, Taniya and Diya.
After getting betrayed in love, a desolate Taniya succumbs to drug addiction and desperately needs money to fund her habits. She ends up getting lured into the dark web through a sinister app named Dark Dare. Which coerces users to undertake daring tasks and get rewarded with money. Her desperation to sustain her addiction entraps her to commit tasks and in this perilous process she ends up embroiled in a murder conspiracy of the Information and Broadcasting minister.













Encrypted Web Series cast, crew and episodes watching guide on klikk. Encrypted Bengali web series release date 28th June 2022. See Prankenstein Web Series and Roktopolash Web Series here.

Her eventual arrest and extreme mental and physical torture in police custody leads to her fatal suicide.
Diya, her elder sister, lands up in the city to unravel the mystery of the untimely death of her sibling. In this quest she gets acquainted with the investigating police personnel ACP Hema Singh and a reporter named Sohag. Through them she discovers how this Dark Dare app has ruined the lives of not only her sister, but several youths with its sinister motives. Where the virtual lines get blurred with reality. Digging deeper, Diya figures out that her sister was the victim of a vicious conspiracy. She gets determined to avenge her sister’s death. Can the encryption be decoded to unveil the evil? Was there a devil-in-disguise mastermind with a pre-ordained vicious mission?
To know more, one has to deep dive into the realms of this dark web thriller. KLiKK Originals engrossing next web series, Encrypted.
The title song has been created and acted by the Bengali Rock Band, Cactus. This is a first for Bengali OTT series.

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